domingo, 19 de junho de 2011

Bullet For My Valentine

Bullet for my valentine é um banda shoooowww de bola do País de Gales formada por Matthew Tuck ( Vocal e guitarra),  Michael Page ( guitarra e vocal de apoio), Jason Jamos ( baixo), Michael Thomas (bateria). Vejam o Clip da música Tears don't fall:

Músicas agitadas como essa, compõem os três albuns da banda:

1-Her voices inside
2-Four worlds
3-Tears Don't fall
4- Suffocating under worlds
5-Hit the floor
6-All these things I hate
7-Room 409
8- The poison
9- Ten years today
10- Cries in van
11-Spit you out 
12- The end                                            

1- Scream Aim fire
2-Eye of the storm
3- Hearts burst into fire
4-Waking the demon
6-Deliver Us from evil
7- Take it out on me
8-Say goodnight
9-End of days
10- Last to know
11- Forever and always
12- No easy way out


1- Your Betrayal
3-The last Fight
4- A place where you belong
5-Pleasure and pain
7-Breaking out, breaking down
8-Bittersweet memories
10-Begging for mercy
11-Pretty on the Outside

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